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Secret Hot Springs

A well dressed man walks into the Internet cafe and scans the people sitting at all the tables. He instantly heads for our table and greets the man sitting in front of me. They talk for a few seconds and then Pep tells the man “This is Jeffrey. he is my friend.” We shake hands and then the well dress man is off to another table to talk to the person he had come to meet. Pepe begins to talk … Continue reading

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Mexico Dentist and the Cracked Tooth

I’m sure that there is a universal law that states that the pain you are about to feel at the dentist’s office is in direct proportion to exactly the opposite of how much he says that you won’t feel a thing. I wish that I would heed this wisdom more often. If you have ever had a bad experience at the dentist or have sensitive teeth in any way, you are best advised to skip this post, or at the … Continue reading

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Free Range Cows

I’m scared of cows. Not in the same way that the scorpion in the shower scared the hell out of me the other day which had my heart racing a hundred miles an hour as I sprinted to safety because I failed to notice it when I first stepped in, but I must admit that I have a new found fear of cows. Cows in Baja Mexico are free range which means they basically wander anywhere they want and if … Continue reading

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Baja California Gaveyard

I was wandering the other day and came across the Los Barriles graveyard. I always find graveyards in different countries interesting because they are often so different. Much like the colorful houses that are part of Baja California, the graves also stand out for their color as well as their complexity with ornate sculptures:

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Storm Clouds

It looks like this area of Baja California will escape Hurricane Rick. The hurricane has been downgraded to a tropical storm and made a sharp turn east so it appears that it will miss the entire Baja peninsula except for clouds and rain from the outskirts of the storm. Those storm clouds are now coming in and giving me a different view as I work from the normal sunny skies, yet still beautiful in their own way:

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Mexico Art Project Travel Book

The first of what I hope will one day be 100+ traveling art books has been completed and I hope that I find someone in the next couple of weeks to pass it along to another traveler. The progress of the book can be followed in the sidebar and I hope that those that end up with it will update where it is as it comes into their possession. I debated whether or not to begin the first page of … Continue reading

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RV Hurricane Preparation

People around town have started to prepare for Hurricane Rick. The good news is that it has weakened from a category 5 hurricane to a category 3 hurricane overnight and should continue to weaken as it heads towards us. If you have ever been in a hurricane before, category 3 is nothing to sneeze at and a storm you’d want to avoid if possible. So while the houses board up the windows, what do the people do that have driven … Continue reading

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Hurricane Rick

Tropical Storm Patricia put some worry into the people living in this area, but we got through it with a bit of rain and not much damage. Hurricane Rick looks to be another matter: The good news is that this current category 5 hurricane is supposed to lessen in power and hit landfall as a category 2 hurricane. The bad news is the current projection is a direct hit on where I’m staying. The talk around town is hurricane preparation … Continue reading

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Baby Sea Turtles

I have been told that October is the month when the sea turtle eggs begin to hatch in Baja California and the baby sea turtles make their way from their nest to the ocean. I’ve been taking late night walks on the beach in hopes of seeing some of the baby turtles, but haven’t had any luck thus far. Last night one of the sea turtle conservation groups held a baby sea turtle release. These were sea turtle eggs that … Continue reading

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Working in the Morning

I found a new cafe that serves breakfast and lunch called Caleb’s Cafe here in Los Barriles that has Internet access. It has an outside area upstairs and, of course, a beautiful view. This is what I’m looking at as I work (and type this post out): Hard to complain when mornings begin like this…

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