Kauai Sunset

After a long day of hiking and (unfortunately) working on the computer, you might think that a relaxing evening inside would be the plan. You would be thinking this until you looked out the window and realized that you would miss sunsets like this each evening if you didn’t take walks along the beach… Let’s hear it for exhausting days.

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Hiking Trail Slasher

Dad and I decided to head to Waimea Canyon for one afternoon to do some hiking. The Waimea Canyon drive is beautiful and is well worth the drive even if you don’t decide to do any hiking. We drove to just before the end of the canyon road to the Kalalau Lookout down the Kalalau Valley all the way down to the beach. Quite spectacular: We then hopped into the car again and made out way to the very end … Continue reading

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Kauai Snorkeling and Boat Ride

One of the best aspects of being your own boss in combination with being a digital nomad is that if the day is perfect, you can take advantage of it. That is exactly what I did with a boat tour to see the Napali coast of Kauai and snorkeling. As we headed to the Napali coast, a few friends decided to tag along for the ride: When we reached the Napali coast line, it was absolutely beautiful: We then went … Continue reading

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Hoopii Waterfall Hike

I took a break from work this morning and decided to take a hike to the Ho’opi’i waterfalls in Kauai, but it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. This is especially true when the information in the guidebook of where the trail head begins is inaccurate. Luckily a local homeowner steered us in the correct direction so we could even begin the hike. (if anyone reading this is going to take this hike, look for the yellow … Continue reading

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Morning Walk In Kauai

We decided to take a morning walk, and it seems that rainbows like to follow me on my travels: While there were rainbows, the rain missed us and we had a beautiful morning walk by the beach. If you have to work, this is certainly the way to do it…

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When The Flight Gives You Lemons…

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Sidewalk Messages

Back in the USA and one of the immediate thoughts that came to mind as I made my way to the local Internet cafe to get some work done is that walking in suburbia isn’t nearly as relaxing as strolling down the Mexican beach. Too many cars, too many people and no sand squishing between your toes. Then I ran upon the following message written on the sidewalk: I know that it wasn’t written for me, but I sure enjoyed … Continue reading

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Secret Hot Springs

A well dressed man walks into the Internet cafe and scans the people sitting at all the tables. He instantly heads for our table and greets the man sitting in front of me. They talk for a few seconds and then Pep tells the man “This is Jeffrey. he is my friend.” We shake hands and then the well dress man is off to another table to talk to the person he had come to meet. Pepe begins to talk … Continue reading

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Mexico Dentist and the Cracked Tooth

I’m sure that there is a universal law that states that the pain you are about to feel at the dentist’s office is in direct proportion to exactly the opposite of how much he says that you won’t feel a thing. I wish that I would heed this wisdom more often. If you have ever had a bad experience at the dentist or have sensitive teeth in any way, you are best advised to skip this post, or at the … Continue reading

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Free Range Cows

I’m scared of cows. Not in the same way that the scorpion in the shower scared the hell out of me the other day which had my heart racing a hundred miles an hour as I sprinted to safety because I failed to notice it when I first stepped in, but I must admit that I have a new found fear of cows. Cows in Baja Mexico are free range which means they basically wander anywhere they want and if … Continue reading

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