100 Countries

100 Different Countries

One of my life goals has always been to visit 100 different countries, but with many things in life, this goal was placed on the back-burner to deal with other things in my life for a long time. It now appears that I have both the time, energy and work that will allow me to pursue this goal in the coming years. This blog will follow those adventures as I slowly make progress to achieving the 100 different country goal.

I also want this blog to be an ongoing art project for people that travel. As I travel to each new country, I plan to release a book to someone I meet along the way. This person can draw, doodle, sketch or do whatever else they want in the book. They can then hand off the sketch book to another traveler who they meet with the hope that the sketch book eventually travels to different countries all over the world.

It is hoped that those who receive the sketch book will will visit this site to update where there book is, share photos of where they took the book and their thoughts about what they found inside and what they left.

Once the book’s pages are filled, I hope the book will be returned to me so that we can scan all the pages and share them with anyone.

This is the beginning of the adventure and as every traveller knows, there are sure to be both exciting surprises and unexpected events along the way. I hope that you will enjoy the experiences as they unfold and join me in the goal of traveling to 100 different countries yourself.

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