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Digital Nomad Troubles

I take for granted having a reliable Internet connection and power supply but I’m quickly learning that even though I’m staying in a place that purports to have both, that is not necessarily the case.

The wifi I have at the studio apartment has been like rolling dice thus far. Sometimes it works great while other times it seems to vanish. The issue seems to be when the afternoon clouds and light thunderstorms appear. This seems to knock out the wifi.

I have somewhat found a solution to this by going to a local Internet cafe and getting everything I need absolutely done for the day taken care of there. Then if the Internet connection doesn’t work in the afternoon, I’m safe. Still, quite frustrating and would certainly be a much bigger issue if there wasn’t a local Internet cafe nearby. Definitely something to keep in mind when I travel to other countries.

I also had the second power failure in the week I’ve been here last night. The first one lasted about an hour and a half and was in mid afternoon. it wasn’t an issue since I had enough battery life to survive until the power was restored. Last night’s power outage started at 2:00 in the morning and was still going when I left the house for breakfast at 8:00. Since it was in the middle of the night, it wasn’t an issue (except for the dame electronics that kept beeping last night when the power went low and kept me up half the night), but certainly would have been if it had taken place during the day since I do have a limited computer battery supply with me.

These are just those little things you take for granted back home and can throw a big wrench into the daily plans when they unexpectedly happen here.

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