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Tropical Storm in La Paz

We’ve had a tropical storm threatening to hit this area for the past few days. One day it is supposed to hit us directly and the next it isn’t supposed to come anywhere close (thus the true unpredictability of ocean storms)

Tropical storm warning baja california

At this time it looks like it’s going to miss us, but that hasn’t meant that the storm didn’t leave some effects.

I traveled up to La Paz yesterday and while it didn’t rain a whole lot while I was there, it was obvious that quite a bit of rain had fallen before I arrived. This included the following storm drain that had popped open and spewing out a gusher of water:

flooded storm drain

La Paz baja storm drain flooded

Which, of course, cause the street to completely flood:

Flooded street La Paz

The worst part of this is that it was most definitely raw sewage that was coming out. The small wasn’t pleasant at all and I certainly wouldn’t want to walk through that water.

For the most part, however, we have been spared any major damage which is definitely a good sign.

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