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Baby Sea Turtles

I have been told that October is the month when the sea turtle eggs begin to hatch in Baja California and the baby sea turtles make their way from their nest to the ocean. I’ve been taking late night walks on the beach in hopes of seeing some of the baby turtles, but haven’t had any luck thus far.

Last night one of the sea turtle conservation groups held a baby sea turtle release. These were sea turtle eggs that were gathered from nests which had been dug too close to the tide line and the eggs would have likely died. After the sea turtle laid her eggs, the conservation group took the eggs and incubated them. The group released hundreds of baby sea turtles last night and anyone that wanted to help was welcome to join in the release.

This was the first of many baby sea turtles I helped release last night:

Baby turtle

And the first steps taken toward the sea:

Baby turtle Baja California

All the baby sea turtles were released in the same general area and as more and more were released, that section of the beach was full of baby sea turtles.

Baby turtles

Baby turtles Mexico

When I was in Australia I had the opportunity to see a sea turtle lay eggs, but this was the first time to see the baby sea turtles head to the sea. I will still take my evening walks in hopes of seeing some more baby sea turtles that are hatching from their natural nests…

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