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Hurricane Rick

Tropical Storm Patricia put some worry into the people living in this area, but we got through it with a bit of rain and not much damage. Hurricane Rick looks to be another matter:

Hurricane Rick

The good news is that this current category 5 hurricane is supposed to lessen in power and hit landfall as a category 2 hurricane. The bad news is the current projection is a direct hit on where I’m staying. The talk around town is hurricane preparation and bracing for a lot of rain.

I’m actually in a pretty good place to ride out the storm. I’m on the hillside so no worries about storm surge and I’m in the lower unit of the house which is built of solid stone and out of the wind.

The one major issue is that it’s a pretty foregone conclusion that power will go out and the house doesn’t have a back-up generator and it’s anyone’s guess how long it will take to get power and communications back up. That could mean days without Internet which is not conductive to me doing my work, but there really isn’t much that I can do but cross my fingers and hope that the storm decides to change direction and spare us any damage…

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