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Free Range Cows

I’m scared of cows. Not in the same way that the scorpion in the shower scared the hell out of me the other day which had my heart racing a hundred miles an hour as I sprinted to safety because I failed to notice it when I first stepped in, but I must admit that I have a new found fear of cows.

Cows in Baja Mexico are free range which means they basically wander anywhere they want and if you don’t want them in your yard, then it’s your responsibility to build a good fence. It also means that when you are walking the streets, it’s not uncommon to run into them.

My unknown fear of cows came to light during one of these meetings. The first thing that you notice is that cows are big. Not only are they big, they also have sharp horns. Not only are they big and have sharp horns, they look at you like you would make a prime bulls eye target if they are so inclined to charge you.

Upon realising these three things, I found I have a fear of cows and I now mentally pick my escape route on the off chance that any of the cows I meet decide to stage an impromptu Running of the Bulls Pamplona style. I have also found that you can never win a staring contest with a cow, but that is a story for another time…

free range cows

Cows on the road in Mexico

cow staring contest

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