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Hoopii Waterfall Hike

I took a break from work this morning and decided to take a hike to the Ho’opi’i waterfalls in Kauai, but it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. This is especially true when the information in the guidebook of where the trail head begins is inaccurate. Luckily a local homeowner steered us in the correct direction so we could even begin the hike.
(if anyone reading this is going to take this hike, look for the yellow gate half way down on the left hand side of Kapahi Road which is the trail head — not the end of the road).

The upper waterfalls was only a short hike, although there were a couple of fairly steep paths to make it there:

Upper Hoopii falls

Getting to the lower falls was more of a challenge. The path was littered with trees and branches from storms that swelled the river making one point of the path seem more like navigating a tree jungle rather than walking along a hiking trail:

trees on trail

trees fallen on Hoopii waterfall trail

But the hike was worth it as the lower falls was much larger

Hoopii lower falls

and afforded a beautiful view

Hoopii lower falls view

Definitely a fun hike to one of the lesser traveled to waterfalls in Kauai.

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