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Kauai Snorkeling and Boat Ride

One of the best aspects of being your own boss in combination with being a digital nomad is that if the day is perfect, you can take advantage of it. That is exactly what I did with a boat tour to see the Napali coast of Kauai and snorkeling.

As we headed to the Napali coast, a few friends decided to tag along for the ride:

Kauai dolphin
dolphins in Kauai
When we reached the Napali coast line, it was absolutely beautiful:

Kauai coastline
coast of Kauai
We then went snorkeling for a couple of hours at a small island near Niihau Island just off the coast of Kauai. Unfortunately I didn’t have an underwater camera to catch all activity, but it did include a couple of playful sea lions, some reef sharks and lots and lots of colorful fish. One of the distinguishing marks of the island was Keyhole Arch:

keyhole arch
It is being able to take advantage of opportunities like this that makes me love my job…


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