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Hiking Trail Slasher

Dad and I decided to head to Waimea Canyon for one afternoon to do some hiking. The Waimea Canyon drive is beautiful and is well worth the drive even if you don’t decide to do any hiking. We drove to just before the end of the canyon road to the Kalalau Lookout down the Kalalau Valley all the way down to the beach. Quite spectacular:

Kalalau Valley lookout

We then hopped into the car again and made out way to the very end of Waimea Canyon Road. Here, again was a beautiful lookout for those that don’t want to hike, but there is also a trail head leading to the ridge. There are some pretty steep areas from the beginning and it can be a bit tricky when the trail is wet:

Kalalau Valley trail

If you are willing to forge ahead, though, you are greeted with numerous spectacular views of Kalalau Valley:

Kalalau Valley

Kalalau Valley trail view

Kalalau Valley view

We made it about 1.5 miles down the trail when it became muddy and steep enough that we contemplated whether or not we should continue:

Kalalau trail mud

Kalalau trail steep

It was at this moment that we ran into what we will forever refer to as the Kalalau trail slasher. I managed to escape its razor edge end, but dad wasn’t quite so lucky:

Kalalau trail injury

Kalalau trail injury close-up

The Kalalau trail slasher turned out to be a branch protruding into the trail. Luckily, the injury looked worse than it turned out to be (still glad it didn’t happen to me) although it will likely leave a nice scar — and allowing dad to tell tails of the hiking slasher for years to come…

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