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House Sitting For This Week

I’m spending this week house sitting which is a pretty good way to earn some extra money when you are a digital nomad. The fact is that I am going to be spending the majority of my day in front of my computer working, so it doesn’t matter where I do it. If I am someplace that is beautiful, I’ll make the effort to get our and explore it, but if the place is familiar like when visiting family, I’m going to spend most of the day inside. When that is the case, doesn’t it make sense to get paid for sitting inside?

I think that I will begin putting word out for the times that I’m back in the US and not traveling to to places I haven’t visited yet that I’m free to house sit. It’s a win-win situation for all. If the person has pets (the situation with the current house sitting situation), they don’t have to place them in pet hotel while they are gone saving them the money it would cost to board the pets. Plus it’s a lot less stress on the pet since they don’t have to go to a new environment. So even if they pay me, they still come out financially ahead.

I have been thinking for awhile about beginning a non profit website (which has nothing to do with the Penny Experiment blog that I recently launched), and I think I will use any money I earn from house sitting in 2010 to go toward getting that launched (a good New Year’s Resolution). What would be wonderful is to work out a way to house sit in all those wonderful countries I want to visit – I will definitely have to look more into that. I heard rumors that there were house sitting opportunities in Los Barriles when I stayed there, so it definitely is a possibility and something I should definitely look into.

The other thing I find when I house sit is that I’m much more productive than at other times. After the time in Hawaii where I basically did the minimum amount of online work I needed to do, this is a good opportunity to catch up a bit on those things I have been wanting to do. It’s always good when it works out well for everyone involved…


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