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Change of Plans – No Costa Rica In January

I had been planning to take off to Costa Rica sometime in January and do another month long stay like the one I did a few months ago in Mexico, but it looks like those plans have to be changed. The main reason is the new blog I started about a month ago – Penny Experiment – which will require me to be around to keep it going.

Basically, I have 100 pieces of postcard artwork coming in that I need to be around to photograph and put up on the new blog, and that would be difficult to do if I was in Costa Rica. I really don’t mind the delay as I’m enjoying the Penny Experiment challenge, but I will keep in mind the projects I launch in the future so that I don’t necessarily have to be around for them to be completed.

The other thing I have been thinking about is taking a multi-country trip to see how that works out with keeping up on all the blog and website maintenance that needs to be done. I’ve been resisting this because I’m afraid that constantly being on the move will make it difficult to get the work done (I really do need to spend at least several hours each day on the computer making sure things are running smoothly and cleaning up email and spam or it quickly snowballs out of control), but would like to try it out to see if I can find a rhythm that will allow that type of travel to work as well.

I’m looking forward to the New Year and really put the digital nomad life to the test…

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