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Almaden Quicksilver Park Hike

This past month I feel like I did when I first started blogging and building websites. At that time I had a full time job and then I would come home and spend another 6 – 8 hours working on the blogs and websites. I was basically working two full time jobs.

Although the days were long, it was also a lot of fun because I really enjoyed what I was doing (I had to be since I was spending all those hours not making a cent with no prospect at that time of how I would ever make money from it). When I started Penny Experiment about a month ago, I unwittingly put myself in the same position of basically working two full time jobs.

With all that time in front of the computer, it was great to get a call from Dana Hughes to get together and go for a hike at a park in Almaden that she had heard about and wanted to check out. So we headed to Quicksilver Park:

quicksilver park sign

The trails reminded me a lot of San Antonio Ranch Park, but a lot steeper. Once we walked up a ways, there were some great views:

quicksilver park view

quicksilver park hill view

We also took some time to briefly rest at a bench along the trail – Dana didn’t want to be in the photo 🙁

Jeff at quicksilver park

We were going to try and get to the remains of an old mining town that is supposed to be in the hills, but ended up turning back when the trail we thought we could use to get there was under construction. That means we’ll definitely have to make another trip up there when we have a bit more time since I would really like to see it.

On the way down, the trail was covered with fallen oak leaves that looked like the path was covered in brown hands (the photo doesn’t do it justice)

leaves on path

I definitely need to make more opportunities to get out like this. It’s always refreshing to go on walks / hikes like this and just makes me that more productive when I get back to the writing.

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