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Looking For Feathers, Finding Goose Crap

It’s a lot harder to find bird feathers than one would expect. I figured if I headed to the golf course where I know a bunch of geese were staying for the winter, I would have no problem finding a bunch of feathers (an artist friend had asked for some for a project she is doing and I said I thought I could find some).

As I headed off on my futile venture, I first came to a large oak tree that was filled with hundreds of birds chirping away. It was a bit strange because the other trees around really didn’t have many birds, but when you came upon this one, it was like there was a major convention going on with the noise that they were making.

noisy bird tree
Despite all the birds in the tree, not a single feather was to be found below the tree. I should have seen that as a hint of how the rest of the search would go. When I reached the pond, there were plenty of geese, plenty of goose crap (geese crap a lot more than you think they would and it’s not small). I took a couple photos of the geese and thought I’d spare you photos of the goose crap.

golf course geese
golf fairway geese
In the end, I came away with some of the fluffy down type feathers, but not the large feathers that I thought I would find. Anyone have hints on the best way to find feathers?

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